100 Plus Club




Do you or your Society participate in our monthly draws?




Tickets for the 2019 season


Membership of the KFHS 100 Plus Club lottery is available to anyone who would like to participate.

Persons do not have to be members of KFHS or members of any affiliated society.

Join at any time and your number(s) will be entered into the next draw following your application.

Every 100 Units sold provides £50 for monthly cash prizes and each Unit contributes £6.00 to KFHS funds.


Tickets for the 2019 season cost £12.00 each for entry in monthly draws - January to December

Three Cash Prizes are awarded every month


Your support would be greatly appreciated

Please contact: Mrs Sandra Foreman - 100 Plus Club Organiser - for an application form

Phone: 01732 844071

E-mail: rich.kfhs@blueyonder.co.uk


Registered with Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council




Results of the January 2018 draw




1st                   £29.50           No.69             Roger Simmons

2nd                  £17.70           No.41             Mid Kent Fuchsia Group

3rd                   £11.80           No.64             Shorne Cottage Garden Society




Results of the February 2018 draw




1st                   £29.50           No.55             Elham Garden Gardening Society

2nd                  £17.70           No.109           Gary Smith

3rd                   £11.80           No.58             North Tonbridge Horticultural Society




Results of the March 2018 draw




1st                   £29.50           No.1               Fred Cuthbert

2nd                  £17.70           No.103           Val Bartlett

3rd                   £11.80           No.113           Graham Waller




Results of the April 2018 draw




1st                   £29.50           No.57             Ray Callan

2nd                  £17.70           No.86             Noreen Salway

3rd                   £11.80           No.40             Cobham Gardeners’ Society




Results of the May 2018 draw




1st                   £29.50           No.36             Melvyn Brooker

2nd                  £17.70           No.100           Theresa Gittings

3rd                   £11.80           No.7               Ray Sedgwick




Results of the June 2018 draw




1st                   £29.50           No.42             Mid Kent Fuchsia Group

2nd                  £17.70           No.97             Sissinghurst Flower Show Committee

3rd                   £11.80           No.121           Gillingham Horticultural Society




Results of the July 2018 draw




1st                   £31.25           No.78             Jim Buttress

2nd                  £18.75           No.33             Dee Samways

3rd                   £12.50           No.59             Headcorn Gardeners’ Society




Results of the August 2018 draw




1st                  £31.25           No.47             Jennifer Goodban

2nd                 £18.75           No.103           Sandra Wall

3rd                  £12.50           No.30             Temple Ewell & District Produce Association




Results of the September 2018 draw




1st                  £31.25           No.10             Derek Dexter

2nd                 £18.75           No.56             Ray Callan

3rd                  £12.50           No.26             Newington & District Gardeners’ Association




Results of the October 2018 draw




1st                  £31.25           No.107           Whitfield Garden Society

2nd                 £18.75           No.65             Mrs M Owlett

3rd                  £12.50           No.54             Shepherdswell Garden Club




Results of the November 2018 draw




1st                  £31.25           No.18             Sylvia Pocock

2nd                 £18.75           No.128           Gillingham Horticultural Society

3rd                  £12.50           No.111           Capel-le-Ferne & District Gardeners




Results of the December 2018 draw




1st                  £31.25           No.19             Sylvia Pocock

2nd                 £18.75           No.26             Newington & District Garden Association

3rd                  £12.50           No.121           Gillingham Horticultural Society




Thank you all for your support




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