Judges and Speakers







The Federation is very keen to increase the numbers of judges and speakers listed in the KFHS directory.

Have you ever considered becoming a judge at shows or giving a talk on your own specialist subject?


The Federation is continually on the lookout for additional people to train as judges, and anyone who is keen to share their interests in all manner of subjects not necessarily associated with horticulture.

If you are already a judge or speak at society meetings but as yet are not registered in the Federation book please give us a call.


As a Society, have you booked your judges or speakers using your J & S list, or have you been able to find somebody by other means?

If so do you think you could persuade your contact to add their name to our list.

The Judges and Speakers list is a completely free means of introducing oneself to the numerous societies who are forever seeking to find new people to entertain or judge at their meetings or shows.


The Federation also arranges training for anyone who is keen to learn various subjects.

Vegetables - Flowers - Home Economics


The Federation published the latest edition of the Judges & Speakers list in December 2017.

If you would like to have your name included in the list or would like further information on training, please contact us.






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