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Society Details - Meetings, Venues, Website & Contacts


Venue:                         Eynsford Village Hall, High Street, Eynsford, Kent, DA4 0AA

Day(s):                         Monthly, please phone or send e-mail for details

Dates:                          Jan • Feb • Mar • Apr • May • Jun • Jul • Aug • Sep • Oct • Nov • Dec

Time:                            19:30



Venue:                         As above, unless otherwise stated in Diary below


Website                       www.egclub.org


Contact                       Mrs Karen Langridge ~ Secretary

Phone:                         01322 866984

Mobile:                         ~~

E-mail:                         eynsford_gc@yahoo.co.uk


Information                Please see website, or phone / send e-mail for further details





Society Diary - Events, Shows, Talks & Visits

Diary 2019


23 Mar                          Spring Show - Eynsford Village Hall - 13:00
> non-members are welcome to enter


15 Jun                         Summer Show - Common Meadow (Cricket Pitch) - Time to be confirmed
> non-members are welcome to enter
> see also Celebration in About Us below


08 Sep                         Autumn Show - Eynsford Village Hall - 14:30
> non-members are welcome to enter


16 Nov                         Winter Show - Eynsford Village Hall - 15:00
> non-members are welcome to enter


Diary 2020




About Us

The main focus for our club is running four shows per year.
We encourage new members of all ages and have been successful in increasing our membership numbers and the number of exhibits.
Please look at our website for more information


Annual subscription: £3.00 per person.
Membership is renewable at our Autumn Show.


Members are eligible to free entry to four shows per year.
Discounts are available to members at local Garden Centres.
The Club holds RHS Affiliated status.


Our Summer Show on 15 June 2019 will celebrate 140 years of the Club running horticultural events in Eynsford.
The event will be held on Common Meadow and there will be exhibits, food, music and lots more.





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