Hawkenbury Allotment Holders Association





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Venue: United Reformed Church Hall, 23 Forest Road, Hawkenbury, Kent, TN2 5AL

Day(s): Second Tuesday of month, three meetings per year

Dates: ►09 Jan ►13 Feb ►13 Mar

Time: 14:30



Venue: As above, unless otherwise stated in Diary below


Website www.hawkenburyallotments.co.uk


Contact Dr J Sturgis

Phone: 01892 546653

E-mail: sturgisjanet3@sky.com


Information Please see website, or phone / send e-mail for further details





Society Diary - Events, Shows, Talks & Visits

Diary 2018


Information awaited


Diary 2019




About Us



Annual subscription: 6.00 per person. Senior Citizens: 5.00 per person
Membership is also available to non-allotment holders


Subsidised goods available from stores.
Participation in outings (up to 8 per annum)
Talks during months November to March
Regular newsletters





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