Mid Kent Fuchsia Group

Maidstone, Kent




Society Details - Meetings, Venues, Website & Contacts


Venue:                         St Nicholas Church Hall, Poplar Grove, London Road, Maidstone, ME16 0DE

Day(s):                         Second Thursday of month, nine meetings per year

Dates:                          Feb • Mar • Apr • May • Jul • Sep • Oct • Nov • Dec

Time:                            19:30



Venue:                         As above, unless otherwise stated in Diary below


Website                       ~~


Contact                       Mrs Mary Hart ~ Secretary

Phone:                         01795 539722

Mobile:                         ~~

E-mail:                         ~~


Information                Please see website, or phone for further details





Society Diary - Events, Shows, Talks & Visits

Diary 2019


14 Feb                         Don't Sneeze at the Microphone - a talk by Wilf Francis


14 Mar                          Container Gardening with Vegetables - a talk by Gordon Francis


11 Apr                          Kent in the 19th Century - a talk by Bob Ogley


09 May                         Ferns for your Garden - a talk by Jude Lawton


11 Jul                           Mini Show


10 Aug                         Annual Show - Ditton Community Centre


12 Sep                         Knockout Competition


10 Oct                          Autumn in the Garden - a talk by Steve Bradley


07 Nov                         Work of the British Legion - a talk by Selena Goldsmith


Diary 2020




About Us

The aim of the group is to bring together people who are interested in growing fuchsias.
Most months we endeavour to present a speaker, but the subject does not always concentrate on fuchsias.
Visitors are welcome to attend evening talks - admission £2.00.


Annual subscription: £10.00 per person.
All meetings are free admission for members.


All meetings are free to members.
Two Fuchsia cuttings are distributed to members at our March meeting to grow and enter in the August Show.





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