Membership Subscription Renewals - 2019


Membership subscription renewals for calendar year 2019 became due on 01 January 2019.

All renewal forms were distributed circa 21 November 2018.

We would like to thank the many societies and individuals who responded promptly and have returned their forms and payment.

If you have not received any renewal forms, please contact the Membership Secretary.


Please note that Society Contacts are offered various consent options for published methods of communication to themselves as representatives for their Society.

These include phone, mobile and e-mail. May we remind Contacts that not everyone has access to e-mail, particularly our more senior members and website visitors,

so restricting enquiry channels to non-verbal communications can create difficulties for persons requiring information.


Renewal documents, together with any updates to Society web pages including society information and diary listings, are being processed as we receive them.

We would like to clear the renewals processing within one month, which will help us to deal with the paperwork more quickly.

We would therefore greatly appreciate ongoing prompt response.







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