Rushmore Hill, Knockholt, Kent, TN14 7NN




The Gardener`s Garden Centre


Our Company started in Chislehurst in 1913.

Seventeen year old Arthur Cooling, (the Grandfather of Paul Cooling), started growing market garden crops as a part-time occupation.

He purchased one acre of land at the rear of Chislehurst High Street in 1920 and it was here that the first second-hand greenhouses were built.


In 1955 Michael joined his father Arthur to form the partnership trading as Coolings Nurseries.

The first Garden Centre trading commenced in the same year with the sale of fertilisers, insecticides, peat & compost.

The first car park was made possible in 1966 when a house in Willow Grove Chislehurst was purchased making access from that main road possible

and was opened at Easter just 4 weeks before Arthur died whilst working on the nursery.

At that time Shirley Cooling took over the book-keeping a role she continued single handed until 1992.


Coolings continued to grow and influence the trends in the Garden Centre market.

We were one of the first to introduce self-service bedding plant packs, also the introduction of colour point of sale to sell bedding plants and hold regular in house demonstrations.

By the mid 1960's Coolings was one of the first Garden Centres in the UK.


By the mid 1980's, it was obvious that the entire site needed rebuilding and plans were passed for this.

However, with the rapid escalation of land prices it was more prudent to sell the site and move to a location that had room for greater growth.


Our 14 acre site, The Gardener's Garden Centre, situated at Rushmore Hill was purchased in January 1990 from the Robinson family who also had a good reputation for plants.

We have re-organised most of it, investing over 1 million in the process.


The Gardener's Garden Centre site now comprises our own production nursery, retail plant and shop area and Arthurs Coffee Shop including the display gardens.


In July 2004 Coolings purchased our second site, Coolings Green & Pleasant, at Main Road only 1.4 miles from our The Gardener's Garden Centre.

This site also has an interesting history being Whitelegg's Nursery until 1991, then becoming Country Gardens and finally Wyevale before Coolings purchased it.

The Coolings Green & Pleasant site comprises our fabulous new eco-building, which houses our garden shop, gift area, garden furniture and barbecue ranges, Blueberries tearoom and our 6-acre Nature Trail.




Our Stores

The Gardener`s Garden Centre


Rushmore Hill, Knockholt, Kent,TN14 7NN


A spacious, long-standing garden centre for homegrown bedding plants, seeds and tools, plus Arthurs Restaurant.


The experience is growing Call us free on 0800 612 2643


Open 7 days a week

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 to 17:30

Sunday: 09:00 to 16:30


Phone: 01959 532269


Fax:01959 534092











Coolings Green & Pleasant


Main Road, Knockholt, Kent, TN14 7LJ


Includes garden shop, gift area, garden furniture and barbecue ranges, plus Blueberry Caf and 6-acre Nature Trail.


Open 7 days a week

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 to 17:30

Sunday: 10:00 to 16:30


Phone: 01959 534386


Fax: 01959 534711






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